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Health Freedom Laws Passed

2013 Colorado Senate Bill 13-215 - Colorado Natural Health Consumer Portection Act

2009 New Mexico Enacted the Unlicensed Health Care Practice Act

2008 Arizona Revised Statutes Sections 32-2911 Amended

2005 Louisiana Revised Statutes 20-37 VI-B

2003 Rhode Island Statute 23-75 - Unlicensed Health Care Practices

2001 California SB577 - California Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners

1999 Minnesota Statute 146A - Minnesota Freedom of Access to Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners

1994 - Oklahoma Statute 59-480 (Oklahoma Parameters for Jurisdiction of Physician Licensing Act) - Oklahoma Allopathic and Surgical Licensure and Supervision Act.

1976 - Idaho 54-1804 (Idaho Exemptions to the Medical Practice Act) - Unlicensed Practice. Penalties and Remedies Relating to Unlicensed Practice

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