Congressman Ron Paul re-introduced the Health Freedom Protection Act!

New bill number H.B. 2117, click here for text of bill.

Support H.B. 2117 and click here to write to your Congressman.

Click here to read Congressman Paul’s entire Introduction Statement to Congress.

What does H.B 2117 do? In Congressman Ron Paul’s words, it “stops the FDA from censoring truthful claims about the curative, mitigative, or preventative effects of dietary supplements, and adopts the federal court’s suggested use of disclaimers as an alternative to censorship. The Health Freedom Protection Act also stops the FDA from prohibiting the distribution of scientific articles and publications regarding the role of nutrients in protecting against disease.

This legislation also addresses the FTC’s violations of the First Amendment. Under traditional First Amendment jurisprudence, the federal government bears the burden of proving an advertising statement false before censoring that statement. However, the FTC has reversed the standard in the case of dietary supplements by requiring supplement manufactures to satisfy an unobtainable standard of proof that their statement is true. The FTC’s standards are blocking innovation in the marketplace.

The Health Freedom Protection Act requires the government bear the burden of proving that speech could be censored. This is how it should be in a free, dynamic society. The bill also requires that the FTC warn parties that their advertising is false and give them a chance to correct their mistakes…” (Congressman Ron Paul’s statement upon introduction May 2, 2007).

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